When the holidays hit, I knew my wallet would be hit too. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, my son’s birthday and his school festivities, I had a lot to do and a very small budget to work with. But I figured if Santa can have helpers, so can mom! Truth be told, one of my biggest holiday helpers has been my local Walmart. I’ve always been big on sharing my holiday deals, giveaways, and toddler birthday buys with you, so this year I’ve decided to share a few more holiday shopping tips and time savers, plus a Walmart gift card giveaway too!

Holiday Shopping Tip / Timesaver #1
When you are on a budget you always want to think ahead, so you can spend small amounts overtime as opposed to making big purchases at the last minute. My holiday season starts on November 18th (my son’s birthday). About three months prior I started picking up gifts and party supplies at Walmart like the ‘Spiderman and Sponge Bob’ gift bags for $1.97, the ‘Cars’ Wii Remote for $9.97, and his ‘Disney Car’s’ mini-cake for $5.98. Even before the holidays hit, I was able to save a lot with Walmart’s everyday low prices. And as you can see (photo above), buying alittle bit overtime allowed me to give ‘lil’ man a BIG bundle of gifts on his birthday without feeling like I broke the bank.

Holiday Shopping Tip / Timesaver #2
My mother taught me that buying on a budget does not mean you have to ‘buy cheap’ or your stuff has to ‘look cheap’. It’s all about getting the best quality for the best price and being creative. This year Chris’ birthday theme was Sonic and Super Mario. I cleverly topped his cake with a Sonic action figure and purchased ‘Sonic’ and ‘Mario’ graphic tees from the Walmart boys section. I’m big on themes, so I used the same concept for our holiday decorations (video above). Chris loves blue, so I purchased some of my beautiful ‘silver’ and ‘blue’ ornaments at Walmart for $4.97, along with holiday cards for $1, festive frames for $3.97, and garland for the fireplace for $2.97. I think picking color schemes and personal themes helps give you the look you want at the price you can afford!

Holiday Shopping Tip / Timesaver #3
If there is one thing that I recommend you do it is this: “Make a list and check it all the time.” A big part of enjoying the holidays with my family is taking note of those things that we all want and need. My son is long overdue for a bike, I need a new printer, and the house is in desperate need of more storage space. You can’t imagine how excited I was when Black Friday hit (photo above) and Walmart had everything that I needed. I got a bike for my boy for only $39 (usually priced at about $70+). I got a printer (my favorite brand hp) for $19. We found a nice faux leather storage bench for $29 (at the lowest I’ve seen these benches for $79). Throughout the holidays I update my gift list and keep my eye open for Walmart Holiday deals plus all ‘free shipping’ opportunities (online shopping is my 2nd helper).

If you are big on shopping around to get the best available price you should know that Walmart’s Christmas Price Guarantee will match any local competitor’s advertised price for the same product – even after the purchase. All season long, if you buy an item and find a lower advertised price, Walmart will refund the difference with a Walmart gift card.

Speaking of gift cards, I would like to gift you a $15 Walmart Gift Card. To enter this giveaway leave a comment below and share your holiday tips and/or family recipes with the BP blog community!

This is a promotional sponsored post, based on my personal holiday recommendations as a long-time Walmart shopper. Happy Holidays from my family to yours.


12 Response to Help For the Holiday Days: Shopping Tips, Timesavers, & Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

1:03 PM

I like taking advantage of outlet stores during Black Friday.

4:28 PM

I enjoyed reading this and agree that making a list and sticking to it can be most beneficial in saving during the Christmas season. Here are a few other tips to use as well.

1. Instead of throwing away newspaper ads, double check for coupons. Pick out coupons you regularly use. Pinch pennies as often as you can in order to afford your bigger holiday gifts.

2.Go shopping with cash only. This will ensure you stay within your budget and only purchase items on your shopping list. Then, whatever change left over, put in your home piggy bank.

3. Utilize your resources. Use on-line websites to research savings and competitive prices. Also, scout out local businesses to find your new holiday present.

5:45 PM

I like bargins, so my best holiday tips would be to compare prices first before committing to purchase

7:19 PM

Watch for sales and use coupons to save more for holiday shopping.

1:14 AM

When online shopping, shop through a cash back shopping site and pay with a cash back debit card or points card. For cash back shopping sites I recommend Extrabux.com, MrRebates.com, or TopCashBack.com. There are others but these are the three I use the most. For example if your going to buy something online from Target, shop through MrRebates.com and get 4% of your purchase amount back. If you spend $100 thats $4 cash back, not much, but every little bit adds up, especially if you shop online a lot like me.

9:30 AM

Shopping online has been a major money saver for my family. I have racked up quite a few savings using a variety of online search engines and earning gift cards online. My manta is SHOP EARLY, SAVE MORE.

10:38 AM

I search for store & restaurant coupons online at sites like retailmenot.com.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

11:26 AM

If the store has a shopping ard go to their website and download the coupons you want to your card that way you don't have to carry coupons around. Also if I'm buying multipes even on sale I ask for a bonus. I bought my daughter (13) five pair of jeans on sale at Abercrombie and Fitch. I asked for a "bonus". The manager looked at me I like I was crazy until I explained to him that I sold and if someone purchased five items from me they got a bonus. He went in the back and got my daughter 3 full sized lip glosses. Which proves my Daddy's adage to speak up and ask for what you want. There are only two answers you can receive, Yes or no. Maybe is a yes with conditions. Smile

11:34 AM

I PLAN PLAN PLAN. I make a list for everything needed for the holidays and this includes food, wrapping paper,cards etc. Next, I watch for sales and buys things gradually. My mother always shopped for Christmas stuff on Dec 26, stockpiling for next year. I purchase small items at Michaels,Cost Plus, the Dollar Store, bookstores and make theme gift baskets

You dont have to spend a lot of money, just be creative.

7:45 AM

My family prays together on our holidays! My best tip it , celebrate holidays and appreciate what it means! Thanks for the chance to win!! What a lovely giveaway

anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

11:54 AM

I check out retailmenot.com for coupon codes to stores and restaurants.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

3:20 PM

This holiday I am going to make a roast a new way. You put the meat in a hot (like 500 degrees hot) oven for just like 15 minutes, then you turn the oven off and let it cook as the oven cools. It takes longer but it should be ooooohhhh soooooo good.
1prizewinner at gmail dot com

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