Atlanta, GA – August 29, 2006 – In Fall 2007, Atlanta based Being Family Magazine, the premiere African American parenting and family lifestyle magazine targeting America’s 8.9 million Black Families will launch. Look for the launch issue to set the stage as the magazine explores in its pages the rhythm of African American family life, “sharing with the world who we are; how we are doing it, and doing it well, says marketing director, Rochelle Valsaint.

The issue will include a feature with Hidden Beach Recordings’ Kindred the Family Soul (Jill Scott’s label mates) as they answer the question of how their music has become the soundtrack to family life. Also, writer and editor, Cecelie Berry will discuss motherhood in the Black community. There will be a discussion of the ever popular question of public or private school for our children’s education with Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Beverly Hall. And, rounding out the issue will be “Top Resources for African American families” and “Spring tips from head-to-toe for the whole family.”

According to Valsaint, “Being Family will celebrate the everyday life realities of the whole family lifestyle; the everyday stuff that makes healthy families - individually and collectively. Things like involved fatherhood, balanced motherhood, childhood achievements, family time and community connection. We will highlight the understanding that it is in the music we listen to, the TV and movies we watch, the clothes we wear; how we spend our money; how we save our money; what we say, how we say it; where we go, what we do, how we do what we do; when we do what we do; and why we do what we do.”

“In many ways, Being Family Magazine will serve as the “go to” resource for parents, families and the village that helps to raise our children. We will offer a forum, serve as an advocate, seek to understand the needs and provide answers to the many questions that are arise on the parenting journey. “More than a magazine, we are launching a movement,” laments Valsaint, “to celebrate and support African American families.”

CONTACT: Rochelle Valsaint
E-MAIL: beingfamilyeditors@yahoo.com


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