My inpiration for the second Mahogany Momma Web Guide instantly came to me when I discovered Black Woman and Child Magazine (http://nubeing.com/bwac). After reading what can only be described as a quality, relevant magazine for Black Moms I figured it was worth it to explore various print and Online Magazine Publications that every mother and child of color should have. In my e-guide, I've listed a few of the popular mags like the the Black Family Digest and MommyToo! Magazine which you might know and I've also included some Magazines that I'm sure if you knew they were around, you would have been an avid subscriber of for years. I also thought it was worthwhile to throw in as many online black parenting sites as I could like www.blackmomsclub.com. So if you are looking to read more magazines that speak to you as a Black Mother and/or good publications for African American Kids do check out my guide "Mommy Magazines " available on Mahogany Momma: http://mom.msoyonline.com

Creating A Village for Every Child
-lhenry (www.blackmomsclub.com)


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