College In And Out
Mahogany Momma Web Guide #8

The doors we open for our children today determine the types of opportunities we make available to them tomorrow…

The College In And Out edition of Mahogany Momma is all about how to get more of our children into College.

In order for more black students to excel, more black parents have to understand that today’s Bachelors degree is equivalent to yesterday’s high school diploma. In other words, if you want your child to have access to better careers and a better way of life tomorrow, then planning for college is something you should have started yesterday. The truth is that it’s never too early to start the college preparation process because it involves more than simply starting a college fund. You need to know how to successfully build your child’s academic resume so that he/she can realistically apply, attend, and graduate from college. The key is to get your child on the right academic path at the right time and that is what the College In and Out issue of Mahogany Momma is all about. From exploring College Prep Programs to learning College Life Skills, this special edition of Mahogany Momma outlines the types of information and resources that Parents of Color and Minority Students need to be aware of if they are interested in learning more about college.

Featured topics:

  • College Focused Time line for students from Junior High to High School Graduation
  • Online College Preparation Websites for Black Students
  • Black College Life Resources
  • Black College Tours
  • Whereto Research Historically Black Colleges: HBCUs
  • Minority Scholarship Sites and listings
  • Pre-College Programs for Black Students
  • An extensive listing Black College Life resources and books
Black College / Scholarship links featured in this ebook:
  • Black Students Scholarships, blackstudents.blacknews.com
  • Diverse Issues In Higher Education, www.diverseeducation.com
  • A Better Today Brings a Brighter Tomorrow, www.msoyonline.com/abtabt
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