New Mahogany Momma Web Guides are here!!

Proud Poppas
Special Edition
Mahogany Momma Web Guide #10
This Guide Highlights Books, Movies, and Websites that feature and give tribute to Black Fathers and other Black Men who are phenomenal father figures within the Black Community.

Maternity Guide for Mocha Moms
Special Edition
Mahogany Momma Web Guide #9
This guide was designed with new Black Moms in mind. It includes information about some of the best programs, books, sites, baby products, and resources for Pregnant Women of Color.

College In And Out
Special Edition
Mahogany Momma Web Guide #8
This College Guide for Students of Color includes a College Focused Timeline for students from Junior High to High School Graduation,with an extensive listing Black College Life resources, books, sites & more.

New Free Issue:
Websites for Women of Color
Mahogany Momma Web Guide #6
Find websites and resources for Women of Color created and designed by LaShanda Henry, founder of Multiple Shades of You Online (www.msoyonline.com) eCommunity for People of Color.

Url: http://mom.msoyonline.com/

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