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From the diapers to the diaphragm I just don't understand why my lack of a father affects my need for a man.

Touched By Boys Loved By Men
A Collection of Poems by LaShanda Henry

It's a Father Daughter Thing
An Excerpt of Proud Poppas - Maghoany Momma Guide #10

No one will argue that sons need their fathers. Dads know how to teach their little boys to grow up and be men. They provide them with the type of discipline and insight that only a father can give. Words can not express how important it is for every boy to have a father, but what about every little girl? Is it equally important for our girls to have a father figure in their lives?

The truth is that every little girl needs her father. Fathers do a lot more for their daughters than simply serve as a source of protection. They can teach their daughters how to be just as strong as little boys. Moreover, fathers have the ability to show young girls what a healthy man-woman relationship should be through their interaction with their spouse, children, and others. Every woman looking for a good man should be able to find someone who reminds her of her father.

Gwyneth Paltrow expressed the impact her father had on her life in a very touching episode of Oprah. She spoke of the time her father took her on her first trip to Paris. Upon returning home from what could only be described as an amazing experiencing, Gwyneth’s dad asked her if she knew why the two of them took this trip without the rest of the family. When she replied no, he told her it was because he wanted her first trip to Paris to be with a man who would always love her. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every father could express such a sentiment to their daughter in their own way?

In short, both our boys and our girls need to have positive father figures around them so that they can visualize and hopefully recreate more healthy family structures within the black community.

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