As a Black Woman, it is often times very hard to play the role of a stereotypical woman in my relationship. Because I often have to take a dominant leadership/financial role, I sometimes attempt to play that role in all circumstances, which isn't always the right thing to do. A man has to be THE Man, and that's a hard pill for a black woman to swallow when she's is often forced into being both man and woman.

Through bliss and blowups we are learning how to play our gender roles when warranted. I am learning how to let him take control of a situation without having to get the last word. He is learning what it means to provide for and put your family first.

The truth is I often get so comsumed trying to figure out how I am going to provide for my familly when in reality I need to be studying how we are going to accomplish that goal together.

No Man is an Island
No Black Woman Needs to ALWAYS be Super Woman



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