As always Mahogany Momma is on the grind, trying to put out news and information that is Black Parent Positive and quality Edutainment for African American Children. So, let me tell you what's new to review:

  1. African American Christmas: New Movies, Cartoons, and Holiday Traditions
  2. Proud Poppas and Positive Black Father Figures in Film
  3. Single Black Mothers and Teens: Get the support you deserve
  4. African American Homeschooling: The Best Workbooks to the Best Resources
  5. Boys to Be Like: Positive African American Animated Characters for Black Boys to emulate and enjoy!
  6. Black Moms Connecting Online
  7. Learn How Black Students are Getting into College: Scholarship Programs, Youth Programs, and more.
*Sigh* I'm quite tired, but very happy to be able to share all this great information with you. My dream for today: Getting more Black Families to support black films and build Black movie libraries. From films like Dream Girls and Coach Carter to American Gangster and Hotel Rwanda, we can really make an impact on our children's lives, providing them with positive role models and a better understanding of our Black History through the power of Black Cinema.

Each One Teach One

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1 Response to African American Christmas Movies and More

2:19 PM

It is great to see a black christmas story. And it not be a hoody Tyler Perry spin off. Plus the cast is atleast top notch. What I would like to know is what’s up with people not talking about Marquette Williams’ new film UNSPEAKABLE. If you have not seen it, get on it! The music alone is creepier than, thanks to composer Adrian Bailey and the story line has so many damn twists it had me and my friend talking about for three days after we saw. Dark, very dark, but an excellent thriller from a filmmaker with a great cinematic eye. There will be some online screenings soon at www.cinema216.com or http://www.myspace.com/cinema216
UNSPEAKABLE on you tube:

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