You ever seen that phone commercial where the guy says 'I'm working on it'. Well, as far as Black Self image is concerned, I feel like I'm doing the same thing. I really feel like we need to stop TALKING about what's wrong with our society and start focusing on what's right and how we can reproduce those things. If we want to really help our kids, we need to provide them with a never ending influx of positive Black Content. So here is my piece of positivity for you to share with your children. Enjoy.

  1. Black Princesses: Positive Images for Black Girls
  2. Boys to Be Like: African American Animated Boy Characters
  3. A Child Like Me: Black Children and Self Image
  4. African American Christmas: New Images, New Traditions
  5. Proud Poppas and Positive Black Role Models
  6. Black Family Focus: Positive Online Content for Black Families
  7. Black Parenting Resources Online
  8. Black Students Resources Online
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1 Response to Positive Images for African American Children

12:03 AM

hi.. I think the image of a child is important. parents have to guide them when they are young. Thanks for sharing.

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