If you are a web woman like myself, spending way too much time online, you will love these sites. Here are a few of my favorite websites for Black Women Online. From social communities about Black Hair or Womanhood to Lifestyle and Culture Zines, these sites are truly some of the best that the net has to offer for African American Women. Enjoy! Compliments of Mahogany Momma on Search Urban.

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4 Response to Wonderful Websites for Women of Color

6:46 PM

I'm loving what you're bringing to the table. Great resource!

2:25 AM


This is Therone Shellman and I am the President and Publisher of Third Eye Publishing, Inc the company which published "Even Numbers" by Barbara Grovner. For those who have teen males you may want to check out my second authored title "No Love Lost" It's a real look at street life in reference to young black men giving them a dose of reality about all the negatives of what goes wrong for those living that lifestyle. No one leaves not scarred.
Thank you for your support.

Therone Shellman
Third Eye Publishing, Inc

11:55 PM

Wow! Great information...

3:31 PM

nice blog. Check me out one day when u can and do add me to your blog roll..some samples

he has a Coretta.

the midas touch

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