From Seeking Support: A Guide for Single Black Mothers

When you are a woman, black person, a mother and a single parent you are simultaneously placed into four very different categories; constantly trying to live up to very high expectations from the outside world. Everyone expects you to be a primary caregiver, loving mother, and a strong black woman. All your children expect you to be their protector, provider, and primary source of information, but what about your expectations for yourself? Aren't you someone who wants to receive all that love and guidance you give to your children? Don't you sometimes need to look up, ask a question, and have someone else give you the answers?

The truth is, being a Single Black Mother doesn't have to turn you into the super black woman / source of all knowledge that single parenthood often forces you to be. However difficult, lonely, or complex your life can sometimes be, you should be able to not only seek support, but also know where to find it.

I created this guide for you because I like sharing information and I thought this was something you would appreciate. In this guide I hope to give you a push in the right direction by pointing out the various types of programs, groups, and books that speak to the needs of Single Moms Today.

Some of the resources featured in this guide focus on issues like:
- Support for Teen Mothers and Pregnant Women
- Job Training and Work At Home Businesses for Moms
- Financial Advice and Debt Solutions for Single Mothers
- Tax Advice for Parents
- Raising Children as a Single Parent
- Freebies, Discounts, and Spending Tips for Single Moms
- Scholarships for Single Moms
- Low cost Child Care
- Single Moms and Dating
- Academic and Youth Programs for Minority Students
- Housing and Home Buying Help for Black Families
- Cultural Events for Black Families
- Social Groups for Single Black Moms
- And More.

I wanted to give you as much information as I could possibly find. However, I must let you know that you won't find much dialogue in these pages. I'm not on a mission to teach you to be a better parent; I simply want to give you the tools and resources you need to create a better life for yourself and your children. Hopefully, within these pages you will find something that speaks to you. And when your through reading, hopefully you will walk out your door expecting to receive all the aid and support that others often expect from you.

Here are a few resources listed in this eBook:

Review e-Book
Seeking Suport- A Guide for Single Black Mothers: Mahogany Momma Web Guides
Official Site: mom.msoyonline.com

From God to you, I give knowledge, strength, and hope
Each One Teach One
L. Henry


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12:18 PM

its tough to make ends meet being a single mom, but ya just gotta keep on tuggin'. i know it will get easier, someday.

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