America, our America! Words cannot express this momentous occasion in our lives. I hope you agree with me that today is a great day to be a proud American. Barak Obama, our first Black President, this is truly a day to remember. I am excited for so many reasons. For all Americans I feel it is an opportunity for us to truly begin to undo the injustices of the past and build a brighter future. For Black Americans, I feel this is our moment to truly believe in the power of change. A stronger black community, a united black community, better families, better education, a better life, a better financial future, we can all make these things possible not by Obama, but with Obama. We are the change we seek in America; you are the change that you seek in your life. This is our moment to be the American Dream.

This is Our Black History – 2008 and Beyond:
LaShanda Henry

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2:35 PM

Barack Obama is the president elect! My husband and I drank way too much champagne and then went to an old bottle of wine; my daughter tibbled on sparkling cider. We danced, we hugged, we sobbed, we danced and we drank some more.

I went out on our balcony and screamed, “AWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Obama! Obama!”

My daughter went out on our balcony and screamed, “AWHOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m cold!”

Our living room looks like a wrecking scene, but Lamour is taking off today and I’ll let him handle that problem. As for me, at the dawn of a new day, a new era, and a new hope; I’m still sobbing because of pride and elation of being black, an African American woman, and with more pride for our country pulling together for unity’s sake.

For some more celebration, check out my post on the world’s reaction to Barack Obama’s election: myhouseboutique.typepad.com

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