I just had a really great brainstorming session with Lamar, creator of the Black and Married with Kids blog which he co-writes with his wife Ronnie. We talked about alot of things, but one of the most important was acknowledging the existance of good black fathers. Lamar is one, my hubby is one, I'm sure all the single dads on the Black Moms Club and husbands of happy black wives are one too!

With that thought in mind I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to download an issue from my Mahogany Momma Magazine called Proud Poppas, click here to download.

Let's acknowledge the proud poppas today, can we do that?

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Recommended Reading
Sometimes Rhythm, Sometimes Blues: Young African Americans on Love, Relationships, Sex, and the Search for Mr. Right
Today’s women expect it all: a successful career, an understanding and equally successful mate, and children—all wrapped up in a white picket fence. But recent studies show that while black women have ascended to form a new middle class and have attained success in the business sector, black men haven’t followed suit. Perhaps as a result, with other sociological and economic factors at play, many successful sistahs are having trouble finding a partner to call their own. Sometimes Rhythm, Sometimes Blues is a groundbreaking anthology that explores the many reasons why—analyzing materialism and financial expectations, single motherhood, bling-bling culture, media representations of African-American gender roles, missing fathers, incarcerated partners, and more—and offers hope from women who have beaten the odds. Writers including Kevin Powell and Victor LaValle weigh in on the men’s side in a “Talking Back” section, while female contributors include Kiini Ibura Asalaam, Shawn E. Rhea, Shani O’Neal, and Asha Bandele.

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6 Response to Do good black fathers exist?

12:51 AM

I'm a good black father. Saw you over at BlackAndMarriedWithKids.com where I write a weekly article. You can check me out here.

10:40 AM

There are some good black fathers out there.They may not be the "perfect standard" of what we thought of when we were little girls.But they exists.

Kimberly Ellis
11:06 AM

not only do good black fathers exist there are EXCELLENT, GREAT fathers that exist. I didn't have one :) but my kids do. I married a wonderful man who would go to hell and back for his family. He goes to work everyday, disciplines and nurtures the kids and is a great partner to me, not funny with his money, makes sure the bills are paid and things are fixed around the house and nevercomplains that his "honey-do" is neverending. He plays with the kids, helps with homework and gives hugs and kisses to our boys. I know that they will be great men someday because they have a great role model. I am extremely blessed as are my children to have him. So I am sending a shout out to my SUPERMAN Edward Ellis who is my hero. I love and cherish you with all my heart.

9:08 AM

I can vouch for E. Payne and Lamar. I'm a good black father also. Check out my blog at http://www.mochadad.com. There are many good black fathers out there.

1:42 PM

Certainly, good black fathers exist. I have one, and my two little girls are blessed with one--my husband. Fundamentally, good, decent men become good fathers. Part of the problem with the black family today is that we define what constitutes a good man/father is a very shallow way. Men who demonstrated weak character prior to parenthood will most likely only get worse.

1:29 PM

Hi there!

I was raised by an exceptional black father... well-educated, financially successful, devoted to his children, world-traveled, and looooving his role as a father!

My uncles were also family men and devoted fathers... no one was an absentee father among my father's siblings or mother's siblings so yes, there ARE many I'm-in-it-to-win-it fathers out there!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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