Hello BMC Family,

It's been a minute since I sent out one of these. After my 4th of July Vacation I didn't wanna work (lol), so I've been taking things slow and easy these past couple of days. I actually spent my entire Friday looking at old video clips of my son pasting them on youtube and crying because he's not a baby anymore. Of course he's only 2, but I'm such a clingy momma.

If you don't believe me, you can check out my youtube videos:

By ANYhoo... I didn't want to drive you nuts with baby videos. I wanted to fill you in on all the new things happening on BBWO. I just responded to this great post on HALF Siblings. Momma are talking about dads, discipline, and everything in between so do checkout the buzz in the forums:

Last but not least it's back to school time so remember to check out the Back to School Page on Mahogany Momma Magazine. URL: http://www.msoyonline.com/mahogany_momma/mom_backtoschool.php

More to come!

p.s. The kids aren't the only ones going back to school. If you or a mom you know wants to go back to school click here to get scholarship information so that you can get your degree online!
URL: http://blackmomsclub.ning.com/forum/topics/a-degree-for-mom-are-you


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