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If you are interested in finishing High School or getting your GED you can find programs that offer free training courses to pass your High School Equivalency Exam. Go to your local Community College and find out if they provide such services to the general public, many of them do.

If you are interested in going to college, but you’re worried about the cost of childcare or tuition, know that college is very much a realistic option for single moms. For example, right now eLearners is giving away $4,000 scholarships every month that you can use towards your college education.Click here to review these college scholarships currently available to single parents and working mothers.

Another good place to start your research on the college application process is Katherine Arnoldi's Online Guide To College for Single Mothers (katherinearnoldi.com/CollegeAdviceforMothers.html). According to Katherine, large states schools tend to offer the best services for single mothers and parenting students; services like subsidized day care programs. She also points out for those moms going to college on TANF, many states let you count class time and work study jobs as the workfare requirements.

Getting your Degree Online
If you have concerns about childcare or transportation costs, consider getting your degree online. The obvious benefit to online classes is being able to stay at home with your child. However, keep in mind that independent study might not be for you if you are easily distracted, if you have difficulty motivating yourself to do work, focusing, procrastinating, or completing tasks. If you can seriously commit to an online program, then this just might be the solution for you.

Click this link to review online degree programs and scholarships available to mothers and single parents.

If you do find a school with the courses you are looking for, be sure to thoroughly research it so you are confident that it is an accredited institution. It also helps to search for online feedback or reviews from faculty, students, and college guides.

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