I hope the New year has been good to you thus far! Even though I've been out the loop for a few weeks, the Black Moms Club is still buzzing with conversation (smile).

This week I see there are quite a few Hot Topics on the BMC:

  • Sexually Abused Men & Boys
  • Why He Hates You
  • Little Girl Drama
  • Same Sex Families
  • Career Choice | Working from Home
  • Backed in a Corner
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Today's spotlight book is 'Why He Hates You: How Unreconciled Maternal Anger is Destroying Black Men and Boys' by Janks Morton. I was first introduced to Janks' work a few years back when he produced the very powerful, must-see documentary, 'What Black Men Think'.

With the release of his new book, Janks provides us with a new opportunity to get to the root of the issues that continue to affect the black male community and cripple the relationships between black men and women, black mothers and their sons.

You can get your own copy of Why He Hates You by visiting: http://whyhehatesyou.com.

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