A long time ago, when I was alittle older than my son is today, my mother decided to enroll me a small Christian – Caribbean private school called St. John’s Elementary. Looking back, what I valued most about that experience was being grounded in a strong spiritual and cultural understanding of self that I keep with me to this day. With all crazy things happening in our world, keeping our children grounded in our faith and culture is no easy task, so when something or someone comes along in support of connecting our kids to Christianity it is worth talking about.

I was recently introduced to two Bibles designed specifically for African American Children and Teens and I would like to share them with you; My Holy Bible for African-American Children and Our Heritage and Faith Holy Bible for African-American Teens, both by Cheryl and Wade Hudson. When my 9 year old niece Brianna first saw the children’s bible her eyes lit up and she said, ‘I want one’. From the vibrate covers to every detail on every page, you can tell these Bibles were designed to make it easier for our children to feel connected to The Word of God as it is used in our day to day lives.

Browsing the pages I was immediately delighted to see all the illustrations and real life photos of African American children and teens. It is very important to me that my son see positive images he can relate to, so this was a major plus for me. The children’s bible is in large, easy to read print and it includes illustrations by African-American artists, popular Negro spirituals, Christian quotes, and information that ties scripture to a child's life. The teen’s bible also includes questions that young people have about their lives and place them in the context of our Heritage and Faith.

As a parent, I hope that I can keep my son rooted in his faith and culture, just as my mother did for me and I’m thankful to find authors like Cheryl and Wade Hudson that can help us do just that. Click here to find these Bibles on Amazon.com.


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