Every now and again the Black Moms Club is buzzing with activity and when that happens I like to post the latest buzz here on the Black Parenting Blog. The first thing I have to announce is really exciting, especially if you are like me and you spend ALOT of time online. Now my fellow BMC members and mommy bloggers can compete with one another .... for fun of course.  Click here to checkout the new Black Moms Club Games area .... a TON of games to play when you feel like having a little fun online.
We have some great mommy discussions brewing as always...

  1. England's Smartest Family is Black!
  2. Working Again ... Shovanda shares her frustrations. Can you relate?
  3. New Harpo TV Show Is Looking For Chicago-Area Couples Who Need To Bring Back The Spark!
  4. I Miss My Boys
  5. Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris) Talks About Being a Dad and Having a Blended Family
  6. Why is Jungling a Family and a Career so difficult?
  7. What do you love about your hubby?
  8. Play Date Jitters

Plus I am seeking some words of wisdom from our more experienced parents. Help! Moms and Dads:
What do I feed my Toddler and how do I get him to eat what I want him to?

I almost forgot to share this last thing:

Project Working Mom 2010 is providing nearly $5 million in full-tuition scholarships for working moms and dads to pursue their education online. If you need help going back to school, click here for details.

Crazy Videos Moms Watch
Smoking Baby Original Footage 2-year-old smokes 40 cigarettes-a-day

More to come!


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