A few days ago, I was just browsing through my email and saw a message from lulu.com about a contest from NatureMade to write a bedtime story. I love writing. Before I got so busy writing ebooks world, I started by self publishing some of my poems and children's books on lulu, so I thought I would try my hand at this contest.

I just wrote my entry, a bedtime story entitled, "Let's Play A Game" dedicated to my son Chris. I would love for you to read it and vote for it if you like it. Then share it if you love it! I'm not so lucky when it comes to contests, so I could use ALL the help I can get (lol).

For my fellow entrepreneurs and mommy bloggers I have one final thing to say, always stay in the loop and be aware of what other people are doing in the online world. You might learn something new or earn something new that could make your day a little better than it already is!

Thanks for reading this post and an extra thanks for clicking here to read my story. TTYL -lh


1 Response to Can I tell you a story?

10:06 PM

LOVED IT!!! Fresh, creative, rhythmic, awesome!

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