In the video above I talk about a few of my favorite black positive, multicultural books, dvds, and toys for African American Children like the book - A Snowy Day, the Dvd - Golden Blaze, Solange Knowles Baby Jamz Toy Collection and more.

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3 Response to Positive Images: Multicultural Books and Dvds for African American Children

9:34 PM

Great Job! Keep up the good work:0)


8:43 PM

I was in Inroads as well... Whoo. I love their program

11:06 PM

Love it! I've always tried to have books that represent my children and are encouraging. I've noticed lately that a lot of the ones I have are not representative of us. Unfortunately, I don't buy as many as I used to - funds, ya know? - but my oldest daughter had a lot that we've passed on. I hope that I'm showing my kids diversity and positivity.

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