My Chris just turned 4 and he is truly a new age, gadget baby. Yesterday he says to me, "Mommy can I watch movies on your game phone?" (aka my iphone 4) ... I told him yes and he goes, "Is your phone charged?" Imagine that, my 4 year old is asking me if my phone is charged! What a techie world we live in today.

Truth be told Chris is always around me and my gadgets so he's always got his little hands on my laptop, smart phone, digital camera, portable dvd player, etc! I was just telling my hubby I WISHED there was an iPhone for Kids like an iKids or something so he could get off my phone, which he dropped once (oh gosh).

Then its like somebody was reading my mind because I stumbled on the Toshiba Satellite L635 Laptop for Kids, which you see in the video above. This parent approved laptop was created for kids ages 7 to 12, but my Chris just might get one of these even those he only 4!

As far as the specs, it includes 3 USB ports, Web Cam, Dvd player, and the keyboard is wipeable for all the sticky, crumbs, and etc that get in between the keys! Lord knows I wish my keyboard was like that and I'm 30! You don't wanna see the stuff I get stuck up in my keys (lol). Anyhoo, it also includes the KidZui, Kid friendly internet browser, homework help software, and a cinema application with Toy story and Princess and the Frog. You KNOW I love my Disney Movies.

Look out for this one moms and dads. I'm an hp girl, but this Toshiba laptop for kids is looking good.


2 Response to Toshiba Laptop for Kids: I love this!

2:22 AM

Thanks for the info! will keep my eye on that. And I'm with you. My son just turned four and needs his own laptop already! I'm also glad to see you got your son the Leapfrog Explorer. That's also my Christmas gift to my son as well.

9:07 PM

It's really good news! Toshiba is great!I think children are fond of it!

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