Of all the things I love about creating my own social networks, the BEST part is being able to connect women from all around the globe. Today's sista know - featured black author - is Maria Hebga-Tehuti, recent BBWO member and author of the book 'Motherhood in Taiwan'. Maria is a ' citizen of the world '. Born in Vienna, Austria to Cameroonian parents, she was raised between Austria, Africa and France, before settling down London.

If you are like me and dream of traveling the world and experiencing new things, Maria's story just might peak your interest. Her book is all about making the impossible possible. 'Motherhood in Taiwan' recounts the story of one family who heads off to Taiwan. Here, with no knowledge of the language and a little comprehension of what lay ahead, they would live, work and raise their new family.

Motherhood in Taiwan offers a deeply personal and heart-warming account of one woman's first experience of motherhood. Part travelogue, part memoir and part self-help guide for soon-to-be parents, it brings to life an exciting and often surprising chapter in one family's ' journey of a lifetime '.

As a mother and self taught entrepreneur, I find the concept of Maria's book to be refreshing. As soon as I told my hubby he had questions about how they adjusted? The culture differences, their personal experiences ... If you have questions as well, you can learn more about the book and where to purchase it via the website: www.hebga-tehuti.org.

BBWO members can network with Maria on our network for women entrepreneurs. Hopefully I can get her to also join the Black Moms Club too. And of course the place to be for all the writers in my circle is Black Writers Connect, where you will also find Motherhood in Taiwan and other Featured Books by Black Authors.

" Even you might be a Soul Ambassador. A person whose work, creations or presence helps to positively transform the life of your fellow human beings. Not only at the physical level but beyond." Maria Hebga-Tehuti


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6:48 PM

WOW! My husband and I are moving on Sunday to the US Virgin Islands from Washington, DC. We too, have (very young) children who will be on this ride with us.

USVI will not be our last stop, as we have both traveled a bit and want our children to grow up seeing the world. We were just talking about possibly settling in Taiwan. I'll definitely be checking out this book!!

It's good see other black families doing the same thing! I very recently started a blog about our journey:


Thanks so much for this article!


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