Have you ever visited Dolls Like Me? Its a wonderful online store featuring multicultural toys that many parents often have a hard time finding and toys, which of course every kid loves! As the founder of both BBWO and the Black Moms Club, I think one of the best parts of what I do is being able to feature wonderful websites for/by people of color.

In addition to DollsLikeMe.com here are 4 Other Websites that I picked specifically for you and the readers on my Black Parenting Blog:

Cara B Naturally Hair Care Products, a Chemical-Free Line made specifically for Black Children

Black And Married With Kids
, a Black Family, Parenting and Relationship blog both mom and dad can enjoy

, Have a hard time finding party favors perfect for African American kids? Diverse Party Favors How Wonderful is that!

, Clothing Line with African American Babies, Toddlers, and Children in mind. Bought my son a shirt, 'Strong Black Man in the Making'. Her stuff is too cute!

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    2 Response to DailyClick Mommy Picks: Dolls Like Me + 4 Black Parenting Friendly Websites

    12:07 PM

    I have to check this out. My middle daughter is dark brown and I've been bothered by the white dolls their father has for them at his house. Even with my oldest daughter, who was very light at that age, I preferred to give her toys that she could relate too. My middle daughter has even said she prefers the long straight hair as opposed to her hair being curly. It's extremely long, but she'd rather wear it straight. Anyway, I hope I can impart on her (and her other two siblings) the same messages that I was able to with her older sister.

    11:35 AM

    Another great website to check out for African American products is www.ethnicbabies.com. Ethnicbabies.com has books, dolls, and hair products for African American, Asian, and Latino children.

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