One of the most unique attributes of the American Black Family is the role of the Matriarchy. Whereas most of western culture is founded on the construction of a dominant patriarchal figure, the roots of Black culture are deeply embedded in the role of the mother. The dominant black matriarch emerged out of the system of slaver and fell into the restrictive social definitions of gender. In other words, throughout the days of slavery, black males had no control over the well being of his partner or children. Black women, however, were able to retain a maternal power derived from being both childbearings and managers of both their young and those of their master.

When slavery ended, blacks regained control over their bodies, but the mental chains of oppression were still visible. Segregation, miseducation, and poverty made it almost impossible for black men to acquire the patriarchal power common to their male counterparts. More over, black woman were accustomed to being dominant figures in the household, and have retained that role to this day. It is true that there are cases in which black fathers claim their title as man of the household, but for the most part the matriarchy lives on.

Could there possibly be anything wrong with that? What do you think?

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