As I continue to develop the BlackMomsClub and connect with other Black Woman online on this is very clear to me - Black Women love to talk about Black Men. We talk about dead beat dads, we talk about single motherhood, black men with white women, down low brothers, and everything else in between. However there isn't very much focus on the real issue, the thing that we are all trying to figure out ... How do we, as Black Women, create and maintain healthy relationships with Black Men? Whether your a mom or not, if you have an interest in the opposite sex, I'm sure this question has crossed your mind, but it's not something we talk about as much as all the other stuff.

That being said, I thought it was high time I devoted a section of this blog to talking about Black Love and Black Relationships. I want to focus on the good moreso than the bad because we hardly ever talk about the good stuff like strong Black Couples, or Good Black Men. I also want to here from readers about their experiences with Black Love.

This is an important topic to me because if my son, or any black child is going to grow up and create strong black family structures, they need to be able to imitate the positive interactions they see between their parents.

So that being said, Black Love Lives! Let me show you how much it does...

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