I like many others missed the Black Marriage Episode of BET's Meet the faith. Fortunately blogger Terrence Says, was gracious enough to blog about it. So do watch it.

TV commentators, Lauren Lake, discusses the issue of black marriage in America with Thomas Lopez-Pierre, a founder of The Harlem Club, Tiy-E Muhammad, the self-described "Love Doctor", and Dr. Ian Smith - noted author and television show host.

The lively discussion took place on Smith's, "Meet The Faith" program, which airs on Sundays on Black Entertainment Television. "Meet The Faith" has to be one regular BET's best new shows.

My hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this clip together and learning things like: According to the US Census:
43% of Black Men are Single
42% of Black Women are Single

Also, it's so hard for Black Women to find a Black Man there are 70 Single Black Men for Every 100 Black Women

They raised so many thought provoking questions like: Do Black Men have a fear of Commitment?

You have to have to have to watch this and tell me what you think.

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