I overheard these two black women authors talking about Black relationships and one said to the other, "I really need to come out with a book about positive black relationships because there is nothing out there." The two nodded in agreement, while I desperately tried to remember the name of this book I have. This great book with short stories from real Black Couples, Men and Women talking about their search for love and healthy relationships.

I unfortunately didn't remember the name of the book in time to let those sistas know that such a book exists, but I am able to tell you about it...

Sometimes Rhythm, Sometimes Blues: Young African Americans on Love, Relationships, Sex, and the Search for Mr. Right: $8.41
Sometimes Rhythm, Sometimes Blues: Young African Americans on Love, Relationships, Sex, and the Search for Mr. Right

Today’s women expect it all: a successful career, an understanding and equally successful mate, and children—all wrapped up in a white picket fence. But recent studies show that while black women have ascended to form a new middle class and have attained success in the business sector, black men haven’t followed suit. Perhaps as a result, with other sociological and economic factors at play, many successful sistahs are having trouble finding a partner to call their own. Sometimes Rhythm, Sometimes Blues is a groundbreaking anthology that explores the many reasons why—analyzing materialism and financial expectations, single motherhood, bling-bling culture, media representations of African-American gender roles, missing fathers, incarcerated partners, and more—and offers hope from women who have beaten the odds. Writers including Kevin Powell and Victor LaValle weigh in on the men’s side in a “Talking Back” section, while female contributors include Kiini Ibura Asalaam, Shawn E. Rhea, Shani O’Neal, and Asha Bandele.

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