Lyrical Lessons: I love music not just for the melody but for the message. The words that touch my soul. On the topic of Black Love, this is one of my favorite Lyrical Lessons as it shows that there are somethings your man just can't do, sometimes you have to look within you and upwards to God to find the answers that you seek because the love of a man simply can not heal all wounds.

Artist: TD JAKES

Verse 1
Meant to be the one to prove what love can do
Thought my manly touch would take my lady through
Held her in my arms, tried to shield her from all harm
But now I come to You needing direction

Hold her through the night, she trembled in my hand,
Whispered in my ears, kept calling me her man
Still I seek your face- touch this broken place
As we lie face to face- needing your grace

Lord I lift her up to You, there are some things I can't do
She has a void that I can't fill, and she has some tears I can't wipe away
Hear me when I pray as I leift her up to You

Verse 2
Like a dancer in my arms, I can feel her body sway
We danced beneath the clouds- but the pain won't go away
I know you set the beat to which we move our feet
Master please step in- take over me


I know its in Your hands- You know just what to do
Your everlasting arms, so able to pull her through
I'm trusting in Your plan- but now I understand
When You send her back to me, she will be whole again


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