When I think about love I think about one of my favorite poems...

Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems (Reading Rainbow Series): $2.96
Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems (Reading Rainbow Series)
By Eloise Greenfield

Love don't mean all that kissing
Like on television
Love Means Daddy
Saying keep your mama company
till I get back
And me doing it

Sixteen poems tell of love and the simple joys of everyday life, seen through the eyes of a child: playing with a friend, skipping rope, riding on a train--or keeping Mama company till Daddy gets back.
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This is such a simply written poem, and yet the meaning is so strong. Love is never to be confused with lust or the wantings of a fleeting heart. True love lies in the everyday connections with have with those closet to us. Those spoken and often times unspoken things that we do for each other, no questions asked.

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