Today I read a great post on izania, from one man who talks about his role as a strong Black Father and what he feels is missing in the Black Community as far as more black dads involved in the lives of their children.

Read the post: The pains of a Black Father

In response to his post, I thought it important to point out...

Although I am not a father, I am a mother, as one who does a great deal of research on the topic of Black Families I would like to share what I know...

However small it may seem, there is a growing number of black fathers who wish to not only be an active member of their children's lives but connect with other fathers who are on the same page.

I know we need to get more black dads on track, but as the same time we also need to demystify this belief that all black men run away from the responsibility of taking care of their children. After all, one way to fix the problem is to lead by positive example and we can't really do that if we don't acknowledge those do right dads.

That being said please take a look at some of these sites:

* African American Dad: www.fatherdad.com
* Proud Poppa: www.proudpoppa.net [A Magazine]
* The Million Father March Project: www.blackstarproject.org
* Black Marriage in America

These websites and many others, along with books, films and articles are featured in my eGuide: Proud Poppas and Phenomenal Black Fathers: a close look at African American Fathers and Father Figures who make the black community better for all of us.

Again, am just a lady but you know I had to had my 2 cents.

-lhenry [founder of blackmomsclub.com]


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