After so many failed attempts at finding a good Black Man, I thought getting him would be the hardest part but that is not the case. After four years of bliss and blowups, I now see that the hardest part has been getting in touch with myself. I never realized how much being in a real relationship would force me to see all the things about me that I never could. I'm not and do not always have to be the strong one. And though I hate to admit it, I'm not always right. These aren't exactly traits you can find out on your own. Especially as strong Black Women, we often fall into this illusion that we are so put together and have all the answers when in actuality sometimes we too need a little help and guidance. I think what I both love and hate about being in a real relationship is that we don't just grow as a couple, we also grow as individuals as we learn to work with the likes and dislikes of the other person.

A Real Relationship is like a mirror into your soul. If the two of you are open and honest about who you are its easier to transform into the people you strive to become.

Black Love Lives!


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