As the mother of a beautiful black baby boy, I often think about when my son becomes a man. How racism will affect him, how I will prepare him to be a strong Black man in a society designed to keep our boys from mentally developing as men. I worry about him. I worry about the day I might receive that call that no mother wants to hear.

These thoughts are important. We all think about them. That's why I would like to take a week or two out to devote to the topic of raising and nurturing our Black Boys, our sons so desperately needing our love, guidance, support, and attention. My first post on the topic is to introduce the book of a new friend, and fellow sista:

Mother To Son: Words of Wisdom, Inspiration and Hope for Today's Young African American Men

"Mothers raise their daughters and love their sons," is an old adage that
has been around in the African-American community for years. With the
release of movies like Boyz In The Hood and Menance to Society, this phrase
has grown in popularity in the African-American community and has often been
used to explain the ills facing many young African-American men. For any
African-American mother who has heard this adage and believed it, comes a
compelling book of wisdom, inspiration and hope that's bound to prove
differently. This book is a wonderful collection of letters from a mother to
her African-American sons preparing them for and protecting them from the
society in which they live by offering guidance on everything from racism to

For more details contact Kimberley Crouch
Author, Mother To Son: Words of Wisdom, Inspiration and Hope for Today's
Young African American Men


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For more than three years, authors Bill Cosby and Alvin F. Poussaint have been listening to the voices at community call-outs in cities across the country. Their latest book, Come On People, due out October 9 in bookstores nationwide, combines messages of personal responsibility with practical solutions, and retells the incredible stories shared at these call-outs.

Come On People is for all those who are tired of being used, neglected and undefended—folks who wish to see changes in their governments, their neighborhoods, on their streets and within the walls of their living spaces.

At www.BillCosby.com you will find a forum called "The Cos," that is designed for community members to discuss issues beyond those addressed in the book, as well as a place for people to come together and offer solutions. It's time to have the courage to believe you can do better by asking for help and not being afraid to move forward.

No matter your economic status, no matter your age, no matter your race, no matter your gender, and no matter your religion, we are all allies in changing our future for the better.

You can find downloadable PDF's of excerpts from Come On People at the following links:


We are also willing to send review copies out to the first 100 bloggers who respond to TeamCosby@gmail.com—all we ask is that you publish a review and link back to BillCosby.com.

Please share this book and website with members of your blog community—the more people who hear Drs. Cosby and Poussaint's message, the better!

Christina Stewart
Respond2 Communications

Upcoming Bill Cosby appearances:

October 17: Oprah
October 18: Good Morning America
October 18: Larry King Live

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