Sir Nick of Tyme I wanted to tell you all a little bit about this new Children's Books - Sir Nick of Tyme, which great African American Characters that both kids and parents can appreciate.

The story...
It was the Middle Ages and Nick, like every little boy in Tyme, wanted to be a knight. There was only one problem. He was the son of a baker and the life of a chef was expected of him. Still, even with his childhood behind him, he couldn't let go of the dream he had as a little boy.

In the biggest challenge of his life, one baker will prove that the greatest asset of a knight is found in his heart, not his sword. And he will do it just in the nick of time.

As stated on the official website:
Sir Nick of Tyme is gorgeously illustrated and crafted to feel like a classic fairy tale. Written for children 6 to 11, Sir Nick is a tale of divine vision, courage and compassion that is sure to inspire. Children will enjoy the characters and so will mom and dad making this a must read for ALL ages!

For more info visit: http://www.sirnickoftyme.com
Read about the author: Author's family provides kick to finish children's book

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