Disney goes back to the princess well once again with The Princess and the Frog, a movie that's about pretty much what it says, a princess and a frog.

Featuring major names like Oprah Winfrey and Terrence Howard, The Princess and The Frog takes us back to the New Orleans French Quarter at the dawn of the twentieth century--often called the Jazz Age. A visiting prince finds himself turned into a frog by an evil witch doctor, and believes that the only way he can become human again is to receive a kiss from a princess. So when he finds Princess Tiana, he believes his troubles are over...but are they? Check out the trailer!

What do you think guys? I'm gonna go take my son to see it when it comes out. I'm all about supporting and buying Black Cartoons for Chris, so that he always sees his image in media, movies, books, etc.

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2 Response to Are you ready for the first Black Princess on Disney?

7:08 PM

There was so much controversy in the making of this...from the original drawings of the Princess (which were alleged to be racist), to the fact that the prince is lighter skinned that the Princess (It was said that this was because otherwise white little girls would not be able to imagine themselves being the Princess)...all that aside though, I am looking forward to finally seeing a black Princess on stage. I also wonder if you would mind me adding your blog to my blogroll for my new parenting blog?

3:28 AM

As a black woman I must say that I am very disappointed with and deeply offended by Disney’s new “black” princess. The quotation marks because she does not look “black.” Since when are slightly cocoa women with ideal caucasian features “black?” Racist Disney does not want to acknowledge the true ethnic appearance of a black woman. Where are her big, thick lips and wooly hair? Why is she dressed all up like some kind of rich white girl? How come her true ethnic background is not acknowledged? Where is her leopard-print mini-dress and gaudy jewelry? Hell, why isn’t she a true, lovely African princess wearing a grass skirt, garish facepaint and a big plate in her lip? How come she does not live in a mud hut and eat bugs? And her man!!?? Where is his black skin? What is Disney trying to tell my young daughters? That a black man isn’t who she should be with? Why is he WHITE!? I WILL NOT allow my daughters to see this film.

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