Hey Moms...

Quick question. My Chris is 2 and I'm just curious of you guys do the Halloween / Trick or treating thing? My neighborhood was really quiet last year so I was like ... maybe folks don't trick or treat anymore... do you?

Here is Chris on his first Halloween... it was truly a kodak moment for me :)


2 Response to These Days ... Is Trick or Treating still an option?

3:47 PM

Yeah, I'm taking my 3 year old trick-or-treating this year. It is VERY alive in my neighborhood! I have to have my oldest son stay back and give out the candy...he barely get a break to sit down. He gets to eat all the extra candy though, so he doesn't mind. Basically, yeah, trick-or-treating is very much alive. Maybe just bring him around the block.

12:10 AM

My neighborhood has been pretty quiet for the last several years. I'm sure some people still do it, but things have changed so much that I wouldn't really feel comfortable taking my son trick-or-treating. My son is only nine months, but one of my friends is having a party for the children and I'll dress him up and take him to that. If you don't like or trust the idea of trick or treating, maybe you can find another fun alternative??

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