A few weeks ago the family and I went to Seafood Fest NC. While driving I overheard my son (age 3) and his aunt (age 10) (I know crazy right) in the back of the car. It sounded like my son was playing with her DSi, but that couldn’t be right because he’s only three. I say to her, "Is he REALLY playing or is he just pressing the buttons to be cute?" She told me he was actually playing the game and I couldn’t believe it! I promptly told my hubby, “Get the camera out! Take a picture of this moment. My boy is growing up!”

The week before that, we were having our usual family fun on Saturday and I was looking for things to buy him for his upcoming birthday (November 18th). At Best Buy he took a liking to the Leapster, so I added it to the list because I LOVE LeapFrog’s educational toys and videos. BUT when I saw him having so much fun with the DSi on our trip, I thought maybe that was the better choice? BUT I quickly decided to stick to the Leapster, because I really wanted to focus on learning games.

While at Blogalicous 2010, I was introduced to Sesame Streets new series of learning video games for Wii and the DS. I couldn’t believe it! I recorded a few video clips below to show you the Wii games in action. They have some great new video games plus they created a bigger, kid-friendly stylus for the DS. I was also lucky enough to snag this 10% coupon code for Sesame Street, if you purchase them on their website, use the code MOMMY at checkout.

Blogalicious: Sesame Street Games For Wii and DS

Did you watch the two videos above? Man, my decisions just got harder. I’ll keep you posted on any new developments. I really want to figure out which handheld game system is better for my toddler AND will give me the best bang for my buck. So for now its Leapster vs Nintendo DS. Hopefully I don’t discover something else to make the picking process even harder.

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2 Response to Choosing a Handheld Game Learning System for My Toddler: Leapster vs Nintendo DS

2:15 PM

I've been getting some great feedback via facebook here and here and here

3:45 AM

I'm hesitant to introduce my kids to technology-bases toddler games. Prefer old-school methods =)

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