The video clip above, (click here if you can't see it) is of Soledad O'Brien speaking to the Blogalicious attendees via skype video. This was an impromptu interview, but it went so well, which to me showcases the power and versatility of a tool like skype video. One of the most interesting parts of this clip is Soledad talking about her latest Black In America CNN series 'Almighty Debt'. Remember, I previously posted about the DVD Giveaway for this. Anyhoo, as Black Americans we know that we were feeling the pains of economic inequality long before the recession, and in this documentary Soledad really sheds light on the issues Black Americans have surrounding finances, debt, unemployment, and building future wealth for our children.

One of things she said really stood out to me. Quoting Michelle Singletary she said, "If you make two million dollars and spend two million five hundred, you are still broke!" For many of us, the issue is not about how much we make, but how we are spending our money and handling our finances. One of the big things I talked about in my time management post was taking the time to every month, review my budget, pay bills and set aside a savings. While I would personally love to spend more time talking about fixing our finances, I know in all honesty folks don't really want to hear the not so glamorous side of living in my means, buying an economy car, and regularly putting aside $25 to $250 to build a savings. Unfortunately, too many of us are looking for instant gratification fixes or someone else to solve the problem, but the truth is those real, simple, and practical solutions are what more of us need to think about if we want to realistically get ourselves out of debt one family unit at a time.

Thinking about this and several other sessions at Blogalicious I am reminded of the positive changes we as individuals can make within the black community through our blog portals. Your blog is your newspaper, your television, your radio outlet to teach other people and support positive projects. I strive to do this very thing on my own websites and encourage you to do the same. As individuals and also collectively as the black blogging community we can work towards creating the positive changes that we seek.

I'm ending today with two very interesting clips of the Almighty Debt Documentary which will be airing on CNN soon, so look out for that as well.

CNN: Almighty Debt - Are African Americans Happier?

CNN: Almighty Debt - Are African Americans Happier?
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CNN: Almighty Debt - Hundreds Of Applications, No Job

CNN: Almighty Debt - Hundreds Of Applications, No Jobs
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