When it comes to my son, one of my BIGGEST missions in life is to make sure he loves the skin he is in as an African American man AND that he also understands how to accept those differences that make each of our cultures unique. I strongly believe in incorporating multicultural books, dvds, and images into his everyday life. Its is an important part of self esteem building and developing his personal identity, which is why I’m really excited about a new series of multicultural books that I discovered called the Alphabet Kids.

Alphabet Kids is an original, multicultural children’s book series, created by mom, Allegra Joyce Kassin. In search of books that highlight children from all countries to explain diversity to her youngest child, Allegra decided to create her own series. Children ages two to seven can learn from and enjoy a host of diverse characters: Allegra (Italian-American), Elena (Hispanic-American), Isacc (Jewish-American), Oni (African-American), Umar (Arab-American), and Yang (Asian American).

The Alphabet Kids’ books teaches young people about accepting each other’s differences and being proud of who they are. My Chris got into the books right away! As soon as I opened the story, “Oni’s Good Hair Day”, he started asking questions. “Why are they called the Alphabet Kids?” was his first question and of course as soon as we got to the last page he asked, “Can we read it again?”

Definitely go visit their official website: http://alphabetkids.com


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