“There are simple pop-up books. And there there is the work of Robert Sabuda.” – USA Today

Every child should have their own collection of classic children’s books and fairy tales. Truth be told, I still have my very first Beauty and the Beast Book, but it doesn’t compare to the visual experience you get while reading “Beauty and the Beast, A Pop-Up of the Classic Fairy Tale” with Illustrations and Paper Engineering by Robert Sabuda.

This truly is a pop-up book like no other. I’ve taken a few snap shots to show you how the story literally jumps off the page, BUT you honestly have to buy it to see for yourself. I’m sure you already know the story line, but Sabuda’s style lets you see a classic tale in a whole new way. Personally speaking, Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorite classics because it was alittle dark and scary in ways every kid can enjoy and the pop-up design of this particular book just adds to this stories suspense and appeal.

If you are looking for a unique book with a classic tale to add to your child’s library, I highly recommend this one.

Available on Amazon.com: Beauty and the Beast, A Pop-Up of the Classic Fairy Tale


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