Did you watch the video above of me and my mini me (Christopher)? Well... while at Blogalicious, I learned about the I Heart Bkfst campaign. General Mills supported a study on the importance of breakfast for teenage girls. Until that point I had no idea that on any given day, 38% of African American Teenage girls skip breakfast. I KNOW I was one of those girls thinking that all that energy I had would last forever, but now at 30, taking naps and popping vitamins everyday, I know for a fact that when we black women neglect our health during our youth we pay the price as we get older.

Thanks to i <3 bkfst, I am giving you the chance to win a free iPod Touch and General Mill's Gift Basket on my SistaSense.com blog for women entrepreneurs.By entering this giveaway you also help us do our part to support healthier eating habits within the Black Community and support a Foster Home for Girls in Birmingham, Al.

Click here to enter: FREE iPod Touch Giveaway from SistaSense.com & i Heart Bkfst


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