It's very cool to be a social media mom! On my facebook page, I recently made a connection with fellow mompreneur Sabrina Carter, the creator of Baby Ellington books series. With books like “My Hair is Curly" and "Please Don’t Yell at Me", Sabrina and her husband have been working hard to provide children with resources that help them create a greater sense of self worth by empowering them through their books.

I particularly think the "Please Don't Yell at Me" book is an interesting one for both children and us parents because GOD Knows they can sometimes do things to drive us crazy. However when parents yell at their kids, its hard to figure out who the kid is versus the parent. Learning how to stay calm, cool-headed, and react firmly but positively with our kids in bad situations is something all parents can work on, myself included.

As soon as I get some of these to read to Chris, I'll share my review with you, but until then feel free to purchase them for yourself at http://babyellington.net, which was recently added to my online directory FindBlackProducts.com.

In the past few weeks I've written ALOT on the Black Parenting Blog about various multicultural and positive books/toys for Black Children. Here are some of the latest posts...

More to come! Till then Download a sneak peak of the Color of Christmas: My African American Holiday Guide! -lh


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1:55 PM

I need to purchase this book. I'm a mom of 3 little girls with 2 being home with me everyday and sometimes, mommy just has to yell. I've made a decision for 2011 to stop the yelling; so far so good.

It's true, it is hard to find good books for our young African American children that they can identify with. I love the book I Love My Hair. My oldest daughter is 6 and I had to explain to her why she can't wear her hair down everyday like her friends.

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