Yesterday, we had a new edition to our little family ... Apple Christopher Christopher was born! A once lonely sock transformed into a super cute Sock Monster with the help of the "The Lonely Sock Club" Craft Kit by Green & Groovy Fairy Crafts. This book is perfect for kids ages 6 and up, but my toddler and I made it work for us. While I cut out our sock monster and sewed him together, Chris had a blast making mini characters with the fabric scraps and telling me his own crafty story about how he defeated a Monster and his mom! What a kid, what a day...

The summer can be a great time to fill everyday of families lives with something new. I will share a few more books and activities in the coming weeks, but be sure to look for this one online from DowntownBookworks.com or at your local bookstore. The Lonely Sock Club is packed with super simple softies, fab fashion, and adorable room d├ęcor. Packaged with pom poms, yarn, felt, and googly eyes, all you need is that bag of single socks that probably lives next to your drier.

Here are a few more funny photos from our Sock Puppet Summer Fun Day:

More to come! Enjoy your summer guys.


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4:27 AM

Making puppets out socks are great. It’s a good hobby for kids to enhance their creativity and you can also recycle old fabrics to make your puppet look more adorable.

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