Today we went to Joanns Craft Store ... they had a Make It Take It craft activity for the kids so they could color bobble heads and give them to Dads for Father's Day! Then as promised I took little man to Toys R Us and they just so happened to be having a Lego Party! We made whatever we wanted - little man made a sword and I tried my hand at making a little robot. It was nice, we had a good day.

My quick tips for you moms and dads out there ... subscribe to Toys R Us for updates on local activities. I also like to read the Eastern North Carolina Parents Magazine for monthly todos ... Chris is having a blast at the Tot Camp at the Parks and Recreations Center and that is only $25 for the week. If you look, you just might find a few cool summer activities for your little one for FREE or little cost.


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1:04 PM

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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