This is a quick video review / follow up post to my first post on The Fearless Five: Super Hero Comic - African American Children's Book.

I've been meaning to do a review of the 1st 3 issues and my son and I sat down and enjoyed them this weekend. First he was a little resistant as I turned off one of his favorite tv shows but after the 1st one he said things like "Read the next one. What happens next?" We only have 3 of the first 5 issues, so when we got to the last one he said, "That's all you bought! Why didn't you buy more? Let's read it again!"

He really enjoyed the Fearless Five comic strip series for kids. They kept his attention and he was curious to know what happened in the next one, so the suspense was age appropriate. And after each issue I read him the last page and we talked about strangers, bullying, self esteem and I asked him questions very pleased at his responses so it was a great way for us to read together and for me to know the understood important concepts and we were on the same page.

I am an afro positive mom and I love to make sure Chris sees himself in what he watches and reads. I love the "Golden Blaze" DVD of an African American family the Dad turns into a Superhero and the Fearless Five is something new for us and You to add to your collection.

The official website: www.fearlessfive.com.


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