I’ll never forget my first night in the hospital after my son was born. He and I were hanging out in the room and all of a sudden it looked like he was gagging and couldn’t breathe! I picked him up and ran into the lobby to find a nurse. The first one I saw gave me that, “you’re a new mom look.” She said to me, “Infants have a lot of fluid they have to clear out of their system, he’s fine.” At that point I looked at him and he was fine, but how would I have known that?

We soon left the hospital with diapers, baby ointment and a stack of papers that became my “Baby Bible.” They explained breastfeeding, normal body temperature for infants, and little things I never even thought about. Every time Chris got the sniffles or looked ill, I went back to my stack of papers (lol) looking for alittle help. It would have been nice to have alittle How-to guide for new parents and you know what… today one actually exists. It’s called “Dear Parents: When to Call the Doctor for Your Infant or Toddler” by Dr. Louis I. Cooper.

In this guide Dr. Cooper shares his advice on what to look for when it comes to your baby’s health. He talks about fever, rashes, feeding, bed wetting, breathing, sleeping, safety, and a few other things in between. I actually learned about this book a few weeks ago. It’s a must have for newbie moms and dads. I wish I had it when Chris was an infant, but it also comes in handy now that he is a toddler. As a new parent, it’s so easy to get scared when you don’t know what’s going on with your child. In our house, we are big on taking note of any health issues or body changes to Chris that are out of the ordinary. A quick Google search often provides some initial insight from parents who have seen similar symptoms, but there is nothing better than getting a doctors point of view.

If you’d like to feel like you always have at least one doctor on call, consider adding this parenting guide to your home library today. And also find follow the book on facebook.

Available on Amazon.com: “Dear Parents: When to Call the Doctor for Your Infant or Toddler” by Dr. Louis I. Cooper.


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